An Otter Family Album, Leaf Seven

Compiled by
J Scott Shannon

Over the course of her life, Little Mama might not have been the best of mothers, but with Slick, she proved to be a very willing and able grandma. Near the end of Summer, 2002, Little Mama was providing her grandson with more food and attention than Scoots was. It made me so happy to finally see Mama as a proud grandparent. For a female otter, grandparenthood is truly the achievement of a lifetime. Little Mama had no pups in 2003 or 2004, and I doubt she will give birth again. She is now the age-equivalent of an 80-year-old person, so it's natural that Little Mama has finally retired from motherhood.


As Slick grew up, he proved to be quite a character. Unlike most young otters who were raised here, Slick was suspicious of people and he hid a lot. He liked to peek up through a hole in the dock and spy on everybody. As a yearling, Slick spent about half of his time with his mother and grandmother, and the other half with the Clan, which is typical of males in their adolescence.


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